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Pure sheabutter

-Smoothens and moisturises the skin
-For skin blemishes and nappy rash
-For body massage,relieves muscle fatigue,aches and tension.
-Ideal for use after shaving,waxing and sun exposure.

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Commercial Bulk


Shea nuts - In 220lb (100kg) PP bags


Shea butter -In 55lb (25kg) bulk packs


Consistent supply


Minimal impurities


Long shelf life




Finished Products


Shea blossom...Luxurious Pure Shea butter cream 8oz (250g)(24/carton)


Smoothens and moisturizes all skin types


For skin blemishes and nappy rash


For body massage, relieves muscle fatigue, aches and tension.


For stretchmarks and wrinkles


Use after shaving to prevent irritation and restores skin natural luster.


Prevents ashy skin, chapping and rashes


Shea blossom.... Luxurious sheabutter with Aloe vera


Ultra hydrating face and body moisturizer


Restores natural skin glow


For supple and smooth skin


Body Butter